Superior Ingredients

Vitamin C: As patented Ester C. Superior absorbability and higher cell levels, approximates 4 times the potency of regular vitamin C.

Vitamin K: Helps prevent easy bruising and osteoperosis, important to bone strength, rarely found in other multivitamins.

Antioxidants: Contains generous amounts of vitamins C, E and beta carotene, with optimal selenium as recommended by the National Research Council to aid cancer prevention. Protects against free radical cell damage contributing to premature aging, cancer and circulatory disease.

Vitamin A: Natural lemon grass form (shellfish-free for the fish sensitive) for easier digestion. Maintains health of skin and mucous membranes. Important to visual and immune activities.

Beta Carotene: Non-toxic vitamin A precurser. Antioxidant and immune system support. Research demonstrates benefit in cancer and circulatory disease prevention.

Vitamin E: d-alpha tocopheryl – natural, non-oily, more stable form. Better digestibility. Improves immune system and cardiovascular system function. Potent antioxidant.

Vitamin B-6: Indisputably safe levels of vitamin B-6, reported effective in relieving mood problems and premenstrual stress syndrome.

Folic Acid: Provides the daily requirement in 3 tablets. For pregnant and lactating women, 6 tablets.
Biotin: Abundant amount. Important for hair and nerves.

Calcium: High potency and highly absorbable. Microcrystalline Hydroxy Acetate form for proven bone healing. Aids prevention
of colon cancer and osteoperosis.

Magnesium: “Nature’s Tranquilizer”and cardiac anti-arrythmic. Helps prevent cholesterol clogged arteries and counteracts chronic fatigue. Well absorbed form is preferred 2:1 ratio of calcium/magnesium.

Boron: Helps retain the body’s calcium. Aids in osteoperosis prevention by reducing bone demineralization and calcium
execretion in postmenopausal women. An anabolic enhancer used by body builders for better athletic performance.

Iron: Better absorbed fumarate form minimizes digestive difficulties and constipation.
Zinc: Well absorbed. Economical glucorate form in recommended zinc copper ratio. Vital to immunity, healing and transfer of genetic

Manganese: Important in bone, brain, cartilage and nerve health in above average potency.

Iodide: Kelp-free iodine source of reduced allergic potential.

ChromeMate® GTF Chromium (polynicotinate): Blood sugar stabilizer and patented cholesterol lowering agent, anabolic agent for improved athletic performance potency. Eighteen times more potent than other forms of niacin bound chromium. Chromium deficiency has been implicated in hypoglycemia, diabetes, and atherosclerosis.

Selenium: Epidemiological studies have shown an inverse correlation between selenium levels in the soil and rates of cancer and heart disease. Important role in immunity and as a detoxifier of environmental chemicals.

Molybdenum: Dental cavity prevention and enzyme activator.

Vanadium: Important in cholesterol, sugar and bone metabolism.