Our Story

As the proud owners of Nutritionist’s Choice supplements, we wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves and share a little bit about why we are so committed to, and in love with these health promoting products.

DSC00233My name is Maureen McDonnell, and I have been a nutritionally-oriented registered nurse for over 35 years. During that time, my understanding and respect for the miraculous ways in which our bodies work and heal from various conditions has not only intrigued me, but it has also encouraged me to explore the role whole foods, healthy eating, positive thinking, exercise and supplements play in our overall health.

During the late 1980’s I was fortunate enough to meet and work with Laraine C. Abbey who is both a Registered Nurse and Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). Laraine has a master’s degree in biology & clinical nutrition. The CNS credential requires a master’s degree or higher in nutrition. In her commitment to provide her clients with an easily absorbed, quality, high-potency multi vitamin and mineral supplement, Laraine formulated the original Nutritionist’s Choice supplement successfully used by 7000 of her own patients. After experiencing excellent results in my own health & witnessing positive changes in many of my clients, upon her retirement, Laraine graciously offered to have me take over the production and management of Nutritionist’s Choice. My husband H and I will be forever grateful to Laraine for creating this exceptional product, for being a great mentor of mine during my entire career as a nurse-nutritionist and for entrusting us with the care & ownership of this great supplement!

In addition to being an owner of Nutritionist’s Choice and the health editor of a women’s magazine here in Asheville, North Carolina, I have organized and coordinated conferences around the country on topics ranging from women and children’s health, to seminars that included physicians, researchers and parents from all over the world that were focused on healing children from autism.

My husband and business partner Hugo (or as most people call him “H”) Hanson is a CPA and also super dedicated to healthy living. From making our organic spinach, yellow pea protein, chia seed, blueberry smoothies in the morning, to our fresh made vegetable juice in the afternoon, H never fails to amaze me with his ongoing commitment to meditation, exercise, affirmations and happy, healthy living.

Together we strive to create the highest quality supplements to be used in conjunction with a whole foods diet, exercise and a positive lifestyle so that all those who take these nutrients can also live a vibrant, long and happy life!