The Fabulous Four

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As the owner of Nutritionist’s Choice Multi & a Registered Nurse who has been focused on holistic health and nutrition for over 30 years, I am often asked which are my top supplement recommendations. Read about the Fabulous Four and why they are so important to your health. Maureen McDonnell, BS, RN (co-owner Nutritionist’s Choice,

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Our Greatest Wealth is Health

Posted by Nutritionist's Choice on February 14, 2016 in News

  “It is health that is our real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” Mahatma Gandhi Creating an abundance of money is a wonderful experience!  Surrounding ourselves with things that please us, having the ability to travel to exotic places, being able to give generously to others or decide on a whim to

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Digestive Wellness 

Posted by Nutritionist's Choice on February 11, 2016 in News

I think I’ll spare myself the embarrassment and not share with you the nickname my friends gave me in high school as a result of my digestive problems.   I now know that the diet of my youth which consisted of:  bologna sandwiches made with Wonder Bread, soda, milk and Twinkies was at the root of

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What the Heck is MTHFR?

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Why would anyone be interested in something with a name like: Methyltetrahydrofolate reductase and why on earth is someone who does not have a PhD in genetics writing an article about it? Before you dismiss the topic, let me explain why you might want to read on and why as a holistic, nutritionally-oriented Registered Nurse

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Nutritionist’s Choice Multi

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A fresh new look and a new & improved formula! Customers who take Nutritionist’s Choice Multi continually report to us that compared to other brands, they can feel the difference! The new look (bright green with images of kale, sunflowers & citrus) reflects our enduring commitment to a natural lifestyle and to creating a nutritional

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