Nutritionist’s Choice Multi

Posted by Nutritionist's Choice on August 24, 2015 in News

A fresh new look and a new & improved formula!

Customers who take Nutritionist’s Choice Multi continually report to us that compared to other brands, they can feel the difference!
The new look (bright green with images of kale, sunflowers & citrus) reflects our enduring commitment to a natural lifestyle and to creating a nutritional supplement that enhances one’s ability to achieve optimal health.
In our ongoing quest to offer a product that is of superior quality and always in step with the latest advances in the fields of health and nutrition, we have redesigned and improved the formula to include the following: .

1. We have added the most active form of B 6 (P5P)

2. We have replaced Folic acid with MTHF (Methyl tetra hydro folate) a more easily utilized form of folate.

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